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Texas and Louisiana Hurricane Harvey Victims Appeal

My dear friends in Christ, Like all of us in this nation, my heart aches for the victims of Hurricane Harvey. Our neighbors in the southern region of the United States are suffering immeasurable destruction, loss, damage, and despair. They need our help. I join my faithful brothers and sisters and pray to Almighty God, the Father of Heaven, to grant rest to those who have perished in this catastrophic weather, to console the hearts of their loved ones, and to send aid to those who need food, shelter, medicine, support, clothing, and love. Together we can provide them hope. Read More

Colorado Lebanese Festival From Then Until Now: THE SECRET OF THE LEBANESE VALUES of Food, Faith, Family, and Fun

Success upon Success! First, nothing can happen in a Lebanese context, and especially in a Maronite Parish, without Mar Sharbel, the Sign of the Cross, Jesus and Mary, the Blessed Sacrament, Saint Rafka and all the Saints. Literally. The Colorado Lebanese Festival blends these key elements of our Faith with our Food, our Family, and the Fun we have when we all come together. Every year at our Festival, our multi-generational families come together with good friends and grow our Traditions, our generational memories, and our Families. They grow like the Cedars of Lebanon, rooted in the Gospel. Moreover, the Festival allows our Values of Food, Faith, Family, and Fun; and our Cultural Traditions to reach out to our neighbors with a spirit of solidarity, joy, and prosperity, regardless of color, religion, race, culture, language, or politics. Read More

Lakewood Church hosts prayer breakfast for victims of terror and persecution

LAKEWOOD, Colo. — Victims of the violence in Charlottesville last weekend were remembered Saturday in Lakewood.

Hundreds came together for the third annual Ecumenical Prayer Breakfast organized by the St. Rafka Maronite Catholic Church.

The church has helped hundreds of refugees fleeing persecution in the Middle East.

Organizers say the same root causes are leading to violence here in the United States.

OCCASION: Charlottesville-Barcelona Attacks: Prayer heals all hate

Pray with us for an end to violence and terror in the U.S.A. and the world

I pray that people will finally realize how dangerous the situation in the world is today for Christians and for the Judeo-Christian civilization of peace, faith, hope and love.

I pray that the eyes, ears, minds, and hearts of people in America and the world will open to conversion and repentance before it is too late. Read More

Eastern Catholic patriarchs urge international action on genocide of Christians in Middle East : News Headlines

Catholic World News

Concluding a meeting in Dimane, Lebanon, the patriarchs of the Eastern churches in communion with Rome have issued a “prophetic appeal” warning agains a “plan of genocide” that threatens to eliminate the Christian presence in the Middle East.

In their statement the Eastern Catholic prelates urge international leaders to bring an end to the warfare in their region. They encourage Pope Francis to bring world leaders together to plan action to protect the Christians in the Middle East. Read More

Bulletin/ Blog Fr Andre’s Message Sunday August 13- 2017

My dearest parishioners;

I join Bishops Elias Zaidan and Gregory Mansour, the clergy and laity of the Eparchies of Our Lady of Lebanon of Los Angeles and of Saint Maron Brooklyn, to offer our sympathy and condolence to the Shaheen family of late Bishop Robert J. Shaheen, who passed away on Wednesday August 9- 2017, in St. Louis MO. Read More