Team Operating in the USA

Fr. Andre Mahanna
John F. Medved
Peter Boyles
April Hansen – Legal Secretary
Dr. Sandy Malakauskas – St Rafka Parish Book Keeper
Mike Dunn – Saint Rafka Parish Office Manager, St Rafka Mission of hope and Mercy Assistant
Dr. Susan Childress – Saint Rafka Parish Stewardship President
Katie Monahan
Mike Polakovic
Tom Gruber
Tom Wiens
Cedric Khoury – Web Development


Team Operating in Lebanon

Sister Mona Marie Bejjani, Mother Superior of the sisters of the Blessed Sacrament Maronite Religious Order.
Fr Charbel Kosseifi – spiritual advisor and family trauma crisis consultant
Ms. Gracia Maria Mrad – Office Manager and Media Coordinator
Mr. Fadi Mahanna – Executive Coordinator for the cases of the refugees’
Mr. Farid Aoun – Bank Account holder guarantee
Mr. Oscar El Hage – Economist and wholesale specialist
Mrs. Aseem ElHage – Economist and wholesale specialist
Mr. Alain Aoun – Field and finance coordinator
Mr. Chady Karkafy – Field and human resource
Mrs. Soumaya Mrad – Bookkeeper
Mr. Habib Dagher – Accountant
Mr. Chady Karkafy – Field Manager and cases problem solving

There are many other people who are helping us and assisting us in our efforts.