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Gift VI – The Gift of Silence, The Power of Silence and Prayer- Sunday June 9 – 2017 For the Book: God for Dummies

The Gift of Silence enables us to hear the voice of God which liberates us from the “Dictatorship of Noise.” Recently, I have been feeling the need to for silence. It is not easy for a priest who needs to give homilies on regular bases, who needs to listen and counsel people almost every day, who needs to call people back or answer phone calls every day. The life of a priest needs, but misses silence a lot, like the deer misses the good steams of water. If I open my heart to people and friends, they will see that one of the best things I like to do is to be in total silence for a time. The way I do it is usually to retreat in prayer, and I do it in the following order…Read More

Youngest ISIS sex slave liberated and returned to her family

DENVER — Six-year-old Christina Khodor Abada, taken in Iraq by ISIS from her mother’s arms at the age of 3, has been extracted from captivity and returned to her parents in Erbil, Iraq as of this morning, Friday, June 9.

Fr. Andre Mahanna founder of Denver-based Apostolate of Our Lady of Hope / St Rafka’s Mission of Hope and Mercy, an international non-profit that gives direct aid to victims of the ISIS genocide of Christians and other religious minorities in Iraq and Syria, has been Christina’s advocate in the United States and recently spoke to President Donald J. Trump about her case.

Details of the rescue have yet to be released, but pictures and video from her home show family members and the community tearfully celebrating her return. Read More

Fr Andre’s Weekly Message – Gift V – The Holy Spirit and the Sacred Heart of Jesus

“Faithful people, Catholics and all Christians I invite you to consecrate yourselves, our Nation and the world to the Sacred Heart of Jesus in a spirit of Reparation”.

My dear brothers and sisters in the Lord Jesus Christ, Today is a good day. Today is the Day of the Resurrection of the Lord, Sunday, the Day in which we are all invited to rejoice and be glad. Today is the Day that is the first of the week, marking the 50th day. of the day of the Resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ from the tomb, destroying hell, and conquering death our enemy. Today, is the First Sunday of the Month of June; the entire Month is in fact consecrated to the Sacred Heart of Jesus (Feast is June 23), Fount of Divine Mercy, which gushed forth with blood and water on the Cross for our salvation. To Him we declare: “Jesus I Trust in You.” Read More

Gift IV – The Christian Children of Egypt pay off the Tax Price (Al- Jezya) of the Faith- Blood and martyrdom

“Little ones, I address you,
for through his Name your sins have been forgiven.
Fathers, I address you,
for you have known him who is from the beginning.
Young men, I address you,
for you have conquered the evil one.
I address you, children,
for you have known the Father.”
(First Letter of Saint John, 2: 12- 14)

Early on Friday, May 26, in Minya, Egypt, (the High Said rural Region of Egypt), one Pullman Bus carrying 35 children, one Business mid-size Bus carrying 15 workers, and one car carrying an entire family, were faced by 10 gunmen from a Muslim Brotherhood related jihadi group who opened fire.  Thirty-two children were executed.  Three children and the teacher are in critical condition in Naser Hospital in Menya. The jihadis killed most of the workers on the second bus and killed the entire family in the car. Read More

URGENT: Terrorists target Coptic Christian children and pilgrims in Egyptian bus ambush — WARNING GRAPHICS

Denver – “The children were shot one-by-one,” says Fr. Andre Mahanna, Director of St. Rafka’s Mission of Hope and Mercy who has been speaking with sources on the ground in Egypt since the attack this morning.

“The death toll, is higher than you think,” reports Mahanna. Read More

Mideast Christian advocates call for safe zones in Syria – Denver Catholic

Though mainstream media is relatively silent when it comes to the situation in the Middle East, a very real threat still looms overseas, one that continues to affect millions of lives.

The Christian advocacy group In Defense of Christians (IDC) is calling on the citizens of America to get in touch with their senators and urge them to cosponsor House Resolution 252, which would establish safe zones for refugees fleeing from the civil war in Syria and support the stability of Lebanon, which is hosting more refugees proportionally than any country in the world, according to a statement by IDC. Read More

The 3rd Annual Ecumenical Prayer Breakfast

Father Andre Mahanna and Auxiliary Bishop Jorge Rodriguez invite clergy and friends to the 3rd Annual Ecumenical Prayer Breakfast With honorary guests from the P.L.A.C.E. Initiative*

Updates and proactive plans to address the plight of persecuted Christians and minorities in the Middle East and throughout the world
Come and find out how you can make a difference: Read more

Fr Andre Mahanna’s Message for May 19-2017: Gift III- Homeless and God

In Matthew Chapter 8: 19-20 we read: Then a scribe came and said to Him, “Teacher, I will follow You wherever You go.” Jesus said to him, “The foxes have holes and the birds of the air have nests, but the Son of Man has nowhere to lay His head.”

Earlier this week, while in Washington D.C. to educate and inform people about the Plight of forced Christian immigration, refugees, religious persecution and human trafficking of children, sex slavery of women, and young girls and boys, I got to a point where I really needed to take a break and sit at a street corner, eat a little and reflect. Doing this, it started raining. I decided to stay outside, hid under a little umbrella and continued eating and reflecting. People passing by, in hurry, under the rain, seeking refuge. All of a sudden there was this one man, a black male in his upper age, no teeth in the front, walking slowly as he is so well acquainted with such situations. Read more

Prayer: National Novena for our Nation

The time is now to call upon God, through the powerful intercession of Our Lady of the Rosary, to heal our country and return it to holiness. Read more

Fr Andre Mahanna’s Message for Second Sunday of May 14-2017

Gifts- II-
The Virgin Mary
She is the mirror of the splendor of God, through whom the Light of God first shone to mankind in the incarnation of the Son of the Living God, the Lord Jesus Christ. She is the Virgin Mary who, in this month, we honor as the Lady Mother of Life, Queen of Lebanon, Star of the East, Our Lady of Fatima.

My dear brothers and sisters in the Lord Jesus Christ, many times in our lives as the children of the Father in Heaven, we are encouraged to stop and reflect on the meaning of our life under the protection of Our Lady and in relation to her work in the Plan of God for our salvation. We do have a mother yet it is up to us to call upon her aid and to ask for her intercession. Read message

Father Andre White House Trip Summary

A small group of individuals, led by Father Andre Mhanna and representing the Apostolic Union of the Clergy and Laity and the Apostolate of Our Lady of Hope, went to Washington D.C. to raise awareness of the plight of the Christian refugees in the Middle East, as well as to support religious freedom. During this time, the group educated several legislators and staff members about the Christian persecution in the Middle East and the need for the respect for religious freedom. Read trip summary

White House morning national day of prayer

Fr Andre with president trump at national day of prayer may 4- 2017 signature of the national day of prayer and the executive order on religious freedom. View Gallery

A Message to the Assembly of Hope and Mercy

Letter from Rita Tamur, our guest from Iraq on the latest Christian suffering and death

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