I am lost for the words to express the depth of the emotions I am feeling right. My

name is Rita Tamur. I am from Qraquesh in Northern Iraq. I arrived here on

September 6th, 2015.

I had to flee my home on August 6th, 2014, because we were threatened by ISIS.

My friend, Sally, is also from Qraquesh. At first, we escaped to Arbil, Iraq, where

we were able to find shelter. My family was so worried about me because of all

the abuse the young girls were experiencing. So they decided the best place for me

was Lebanon. My friend’s family relocated to Turkey, looking for a safer place.

I am here in Denver, taking English classes with the hope of entering a University

next semester. I feel guilty and unworthy that today I am here in the United States

and all my friends and family are facing death every day. To make matters worse,

today November 17, my friend Sally posted pictures of her family. They were

traveling from Turkey to Greece through the Aegean Sea by a rubber boat. All

seven of her relatives drowned. Here are the names and ages of these people who

lost their lives as martyrs: STEVEN and his wife SELVANA, who were both 26

years old, and their two children MARK, 7 years old, and ANGIE, 3 years.

SAMAH, 32 years old died with two of her four children, MARVIN, her 7 years

old son and HANEEN, her 13 years old daughter. Samah’s two eldest sons are

currently taking refuge in Greece.

It is hard to understand how they were able to escape the horrors of ISIS yet still

end up dying this way.

I feel unable to do anything by myself. Therefore, I am reaching out to all my

Catholic brothers and sisters not only for prayers but also to raise awareness of

how Christ may be asking you to help.

Photos of the Martyrs:

Here is a photo of STEVEN and his wife SELVANA (26yrs), their two children

MARK, (7 yrs), and ANGIE (3 yrs) and SAMAH (32 yrs) and two of her children,

MARVIN (7yrs) and HANEEN (13 yrs)


What did Angie do to deserve death?