Prophetically in 1997, Saint Pope John Paul II declared:


 “Lebanon is more than a country. It is a message of freedom and an example of pluralism for East and West.”


Our mission: To save and aid Christian genocide victims in the Middle East

The Apostolate of Our Lady of Hope/St. Rafka Mission of Hope and Mercy is a 501(c)(3) dedicated to saving Christians of the Middle East from genocide. Working from the United States,  partnering with Lebanon, we seek to aid our brothers and sisters so that, someday, they can return safely to their homes.

What we do: SEA of Hope and Mercy

SAVE by providing emergency food, shelter and medical aid. We have cases in the United States as well as Lebanon.
EDUCATE the world about Christian genocide victims in the Middle East.
AID families. Our Adopt-a-Family program offers assistance through donors who contribute $50.00 (food only) or $100.00 (food and medical care) on a monthly basis.

What makes us different?

We are seeking to save Christian genocide victims in place. Other organizations are helping rescue victims by relocating them away from the Middle East. We are seeking to save, shelter and aid them there, so our Christian sisters and brothers may continue to live in the land where Jesus walked. When we encounter refugees in the United States, we provide housing, furniture, clothing, food, elderly care, medical assistance and funds to reunite families.

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Fr. Andre Weekly Message

SORRY NIMAR- Bulletin/ Blog Weekly Message, Appeal to Mary For NIMAR- July 30- 2017

With these words filled with Faith, Hope and Love, I greet your Mother O Lord, calling Her: Star of the East, Light of all Nations! Help of Christians.

Mary, Our Lady of Guadalupe, please break the silence. You need to speak in America “Hic et Nunc”, “Here and Now”.

My hurt comes ultimately from the sad story of NIMAR NADER, one of five babies who ended up dead this past week because a local Lebanese hospital demanded $6500.00 dollars be secured from private funds in order to continue his care. Read Message

Save Through Aid Services
Save Through Educate

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1 John 3:16-18

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