A Cry in the Desert: Hope and Help Summit

  • 03:00 PM
  • The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, 6465 W Jewell Ave, Lakewood, CO
  • +1 (310) 848-3132

Event: Denver, CO – “A Cry in the Desert: Hope and Help Summit” will be held on October 13,  3-9PM, the Gymnasium at The LDS Church, 6465 West Jewell Ave., Lakewood, Colorado,

Conversational Summit On Religious Freedom In the 

United States Based On The Realities Of Global Persecution Against Christians And Other Minorities In The Middle East & The Phenomena Of Religious Terrorism

A Cry In the Desert Act for Hope & Help Meeting

A 6-hour conversational summit between Religious Leaders, Public Officials, Candidates to Public Office, People of Faith and Good Citizens.

 The next step in the Peace, Love and Coexistence among the Children of Abraham (PLACE) Initiative of Father Andre’ Y-Sebastian Mahanna and Archbishop Samuel J. Aquila

Join us at an afternoon and evening of education and dialog on the value and importance of religious freedom and coexistence, within the context of the current religious persecution and terrorism, to be held on Thursday, October 13, 2016.

Beginning at 3:00 p.m., this is a six-hour conversational summit between Religious Leaders, Public Officials, Candidates to Public Office, People of Faith and Good Citizens.  The meeting is a step in the Peace, Love and Coexistence among the Children of Abraham (PLACE) Initiative of Father Andre’ Y-Sebastian Mahana and Archbishop Samuel J. Aquila.  It is intended to gather religious and community leaders, in order to create strategies and design fertile environment to maintain religious freedom for the Middle East, the United Statesall Christians and communities in general, based on the sad experience of religious persecution and terrorism.

The Mission of Hope and Mercy’s mission is to raise awareness about the Christian plight in the Middle East, especially those who have now become refugees in Lebanon, the only remaining Christian county in the Middle East, the Lands where Christianity all began. Therefore, we are looking forward to this opportunity, as a platform to extend both hope and help.

Where:    This conversational summit meeting will be held at the gymnasium of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints6465 W Jewell Ave, Lakewood, CO 80232 starting at  3:0PM.  Candlelight Prayer Vigil is scheduled for the following night, 

October 14, 2016, starting at 8:45PM.   The Candlelight Prayer Vigil will be held at St. Rafka Maronite  Church, 2301 Wadsworth Blvd, Lakewood, CO 80214

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