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Marvin Emergency Case

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Full Name :Marvin Mazen Polus
Age: 13
Nationality: Iraki
Religion: Christian catholic
Current Situation: at home, needs hospitalization. Suffering from head migraine, body Paralysis, and sudden body convulsion Crises
First time admitted to the hospital: 24/7/2017
Medical diagnosis: Suffering from hemicorpitis paralysis and head viruses, needs urgent hospitalization
Hospital Cost:  $1000-3000 per day
First time admitted to the hospital: 24/7/2017
Mother:   Zinah Estaifo Jameel,     DOB: 28/06/1984
Sister(s): Mavila Mazin Polus,       DOB: 27/03/2015
Valentena Mazin Polus, DOB: 05/02/2005



After returning from a school trip Marvin started losing his vision and his body became paralyzed. His left leg was first paralyzed afterwards he surrendered to a severe coma where he had to be hospitalized in ”Hotel Dieu” a hospital in Lebanon. This hospital is not on the UN list for contracted hospitals and the UN would not admit him nor sponsor even though Marvin and his family have UN refugee papers.

He lost his vision for 3 days before regaining it, and was sent back home because the family could not afford the hospital bill for $3000 per day, he had to go back home to undergo physiotherapy at his house because of their inability to afford the hospital bill. The family is now waiting for the medical test reports that were sent to France for Analysis. The Family is in need for financial and moral support as the Father is staying home to take care of his child and is unable to get employed. Marvin’s mother is also staying home to take care of her two daughters.

The Family is asking for St Rafka Mission of Hope and Mercy Support.

Zinah Estaifo Jameel, Mother of Marvin Polus  Appeal to donors for Help :

Translation of the interview with Zinah Estaifo Jameel, Mother of Marvin Polus, recorded by Mrs Catherine Moussa who provides refugee support in Lebanon:

”My son is very ill he has been like this for 20 days he has virus in his nerves, we sent him Sunday to 5 hospitals for treatment  and no hospital would admit him, the hospitals are:

AL HARIRI Hospital
Canadian Hospital
Our Lady of Lebanon Hospital
Saint Jospeh Hospital (Marvin’s family tried to admit him on their personal expense to this hospital and they were rejected)
El HAYEK hospital

This is my son Marvin, he cannot move his left body side, sometimes he can move it sometimes not, he is not responding to the physiotherapy, he cannot feel his left arm, he took heavy medicine and cannot move his left leg. He wakes up in the middle night screaming from pain form his head. He cannot process information and forgets a lot, he does not even recognize us sometimes, please take a look at my son condition and at me his mother, my heart is burning, we need your help and support to treat him in the hospital’’

According to the medical report, the paralysis is spreading to his right body side as well. We need your HELP

The Family came from Iraq as refugees and have UN refugee papers. The UN did approve to hospitalize the child and the family is currently relying on private funds to treat her kid.

Medical reports and UN refugee documents are at case management department of St Rafka Mission of Hope and Mercy.


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