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Glenn Beck Vows to Walk Middle East Religious Persecution Victims Across the U.S. Border Himself if Sufficient Funds Can Be Raised

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Glenn Beck was furious on Friday when Johnnie Moore, author of “Defying ISIS: Preserving Christianity in its Place of Birth and in Your Own Backyard,” said that victims of Middle East persecution are being denied entry to the United States. Most of the victims being denied are Christian, Moore said, even though Christianity is at risk of being eradicated in the region.

“Just four years ago in Syria, there were 2 million Christians. There are only 400,000 left,” Moore said on Beck’s radio program. “And a city like Aleppo has the largest Christian population left in the Middle East. It’s surrounded by terrorists. It’s only a matter of time. We’ve been begging. We’ve been pleading. So, frankly, we just don’t have enough time.”

“We will pay for this,” Beck said heatedly, comparing the situation to Jews fleeing Nazi Germany being denied entry to the United States. “I’m telling you right now, you get them to Mexico, and I’ll walk them across this damn border.”

“I mean that. I’ll raise a million dollars. I give you my word,” Beck continued. “We will raise a million dollars to help you. And I don’t care where they go, but it is an abomination. And if you get them to Mexico, I personally will walk them across this freaking border. Enough is enough.”

“This is the crisis of our time,” Moore agreed. “And we will respond or we will look back in history and we will weep because of our silence. … You can’t say you didn’t know. Everyone knows what ISIS does to Christians.”

“This is the opportunity to be Schindler. This really is,” Beck said.

Moore noted that one of the most active men working to save Christians in the Middle East is Lord George Weidenfeld, a Jew who escaped Austria for England during World War II. Weidenfeld was helped by Christians in his time of need, and now says he is repaying his debt.

“The fact is, we will save them or they will die,” Moore concluded.

“This is the most righteous thing. It’s an honor to be with you,” Beck said. “I will tell you now, you get them to Mexico and we’ll make news. We will make news. Because I will walk them across the border, and I’ll do it with — I’ll do it with a handful of Republican and hopefully Democrat, but definitely Republican, candidates for president of the United States. We’ll walk them over the border.”

“You’re going to let everybody else come in, but [not] these Christians who are facing death? I want you to go and donate right now,” Beck concluded. “Go to now to”


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