Dear Friends and Supporters of the St. Rafka Mission of Hope and Mercy:
This letter will serve as a current overview of what we, the on-the-ground, operations team, have been doing in Lebanon as the Saint Rafka Mission of Hope and Mercy.
The attached Balance Sheet and Statement of Activities details the accounting from June 2015 – December 15, 2015.
The Mission is broad in the scope of acting as the ‘Light of Christ’ to vetted refugees by responding to their most basic and urgent needs including medical and other emergency requests. Each case is thoroughly investigated and carefully measured against the big picture: there are so, so many desperate needs.
We begin each case by gathering all the information and documentation needed to be able to vet and determine which needs take priority.
We have been taking sick Iraqi refugees to the hospital, and buying and delivering their medications. (Our operations cost is $40,000 in hospitalization alone.) We closely listen to and document these refugee stories with video and photos. We have been paying basic rental costs for housing in Lebanon and in Arbil, Iraq, as well as Syria. We have been assisting with their children’s school bills, transcripts and books. Much of this educational assistance has been with the help of the Sisters of Beit Habbak School for which we are very grateful.
We have been meeting their spiritual needs as well, with counseling and meeting with them for regular prayer.
By attempting to meet any urgent needs regarding food, shelter, medication, warm clothes and distribution of such, we strive to show them that they are not alone in their plight.
We have also been developing and creating awareness through television programs, interviews, social media posts and regular website updates. Sister Mona Marie’s assistance has been invaluable.
Thank you for allowing us the opportunity to work for this important mission of hope and mercy. It has shown many ‘Christ in action’….which is truly the ultimate hope.
God bless you all.

Please click here to view our Balance Sheet.
Please click here to view our Statement of Activities.