Mission of Hope and Mercy December 2016

In her Immaculate Conception Christ is the source of life.

img_0410-1In Her Immaculate Conception Christ is the source of life. Mary, the Gate of Heaven, Mary the gate of the Most Holy Trinity to the Heart of the suffering humanity. Mary the prefect human, who is the authentic image of God and in his likeness, shares with the world the birth of the Savior. the Only and True Son of God, and Perfect Man.

In his Incarnation from the Virgin Mary who is overshadowed by the Power of the Most High, who is filled from the Holy Spirit, who is full of Grace, Christ becomes the source of life for all people.

From Mary He shares our humanity, yet because of her Immaculate Conception, in His Incarnation Christ remained God, and as God, he saved us from death and evil, from sin and hell.

Therefore we must all be born unto him, from him and through him to God the Father, in the Holy Spirit.

In Christ we are called the community of the Saints. God became man in Mary’s womb, so once He shares with us our condition of slaves, as God, He can liberate us from sin and the slavery of death. More so, in Christ Birth as in His Death and Resurrection, we can become Divine, like our Heavenly Father who lives and reigns for eternity. This is called the Mystery of our Redemption, the Mystery of Faith.


I have learned there are normal times and extraordinary times.

In life I learned there are people who live and pass, while few live and their memories stay for ever even after death.


In this month of December, Christians in the world live in a very special and extraordinary time of Grace: The birth of the Savior, the Emmanuel, Jesus Christ, the Only Begotten Son of God who now is born in the flesh from Mary and the Holy Spirit.

The Feast of Christmas is about both: a special time called: Holy Time, and the birth of a special person: Jesus Christ who the entire world remembered even when had not come yet through the prophets of old. Now this Lord will come again.

Christmas is the feast of the nativity of the Lord Jesus Christ. This feast is the source of hope and mercy for al humanity. People who were in darkness now see the light. People who were broken heated now are consoled. People who are sick and ill now are healed. People who are sad now are consoled with joy Divine!

a0b6c927-a91d-441e-b623-8688d6915fadPeople who die, now live for ever. For they know that death has been conquered, and that in the birth, passion, death and resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ Eternal Life has been granted to all believers in the Name of the Most Holy One: The Savior of the world.

My friends, in Christ and by his will, Christianity is the personal gift of God the Father to the world. Christianity is the Good News of salvation and the joy of peace for the world. Christmas is a living example how through gifts and love, hymns and melodies, encounters of families and Santa Clause, visits to the poor and food to the hungry, housing for homeless and reconciliation of enemies, Christianity fulfills the Divine will of God the Father and makes all humanity children of God.


At Christmas I invite you all to be born of the Spirit. Remember your baptismal promises. Go to confession, call a friend who you have not seen for long time or talked to and tell him or her: I love you and I greet you in the Lord.

At Christmas reach out to someone who may not expect your gift. Your reaching out might be the gift they are expecting.

In the ,meanwhile I ask you to pray for me my friends.

Pray for me for I want to remain only in this world in order to reach out to the maximum number of people revealing to them that God is a Father and a care Giver. God is good and that God wanted us to be happy and holy. God desires for us to live and dwell in peace.

I like to remain in order to help protect the life of children and families. To honor God and to spread the Good News of Salvation to all humankind.

To make sure the children in the world, especially now those who are being persecuted for their faith, realize that I in the middle of no where, like many others in other places, hold them close to the Sacred Heart of Jesus, to the Immaculate Heart of Mary, to my little heart every time I celebrate the Sacrifice of the Mass.

My letter to Santa is an open letter to you all: help the kids in the Middle East, those who believe in Jesus and all others who are innocent.

I dream to give the little ones of Irak, of Syria, of Lebanon, of Egypt, of Africa, of Pakistan and of all places in the world where both Christianity and innocent children are being abused, scared, manipulated with economic restrains, with health epidemics, with moral and physical and sexual manipulation, a message of hope and courage.

I like to salute them for their pain, I like to bow before their heroic stand as they face the evil of nations, the evil of politics, the evil of society, the evil of sin, the evil of violent death. I like to tell them: Do not be afraid any more, for Christ is born and Christ will save you. Christ will be the true peace and the true Savior of us all. I pray that all the children who I am trying to reach to at this Christmas will enjoy the gifts we will send them.

I like to tell them that the best gift in this life is that they were born, and we have and will protect them.

img_0402I pledge and I invite you all to do the same as we try to work together to make the children believe again that adults are good people, that adults are not liars, not selfish, not careless for the life of the children. I like to invite you to help me please make the children believe again in God.

The difficulty is that children when they see the adults in this life hurting them by not protecting them, hurting them by killing their natural families, hurting them by chase them out of their homes, of their lands, of their countries to the wilderness, to refugee camps, to the streets, to sex and death camps of ISIS, to hunger and to plague, … the Children may no longer believe in anything except that adults and nations are bad and evil.

The Church will oppose this, the church is called mother and teacher, but most of all today the church is called to witness for the true love even at the expense of death on the cross.

At this Christmas, all believers are called to stand up, to pray, to fast, to do work of peace and to wok for promoting the true peace of Christ, so at this Christmas there will be one more chance, one more hope, one more joy: The Joy of God who comes to us in order to share with us, in our weak humanity the gift of pardon of our sins, and the grace of salvation from death and evil.

Allow Christ to be born in your heart once more, by refreshing your conscience and by re-adhering to the natural virtues of correct conscience, of good heart, and of healthy behavior. After that if you want to allow more love in your life, always remember: “sell everything and give it to the poor, and come carry your Cross and follow me” Says the Lord.

Merry Christmas 2016 to all

Fr Andre Y Sebastian Mahanna 


Dec 8- 2016 

Immaculate Conception