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Marvin Emergency Case


Full Name :Marvin Mazen Polus
Age: 13
Nationality: Iraki
Religion: Christian catholic
Current Situation: at home, needs hospitalization. Suffering from head migraine, body Paralysis, and sudden body convulsion Crises
First time admitted to the hospital: 24/7/2017
Medical diagnosis: Suffering from hemicorpitis paralysis and head viruses, needs urgent hospitalization
Hospital Cost:  $1000-3000 per day
First time admitted to the hospital: 24/7/2017


SORRY NIMAR- Bulletin/ Blog Weekly Message, Appeal to Mary For NIMAR- July 30- 2017

With these words filled with Faith, Hope and Love, I greet your Mother O Lord, calling Her: Star of the East, Light of all Nations! Help of Christians.

Mary, Our Lady of Guadalupe, please break the silence. You need to speak in America “Hic et Nunc”, “Here and Now”.

My hurt comes ultimately from the sad story of NIMAR NADER, one of five babies who ended up dead this past week because a local Lebanese hospital demanded $6500.00 dollars be secured from private funds in order to continue his care. Read Message